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Pathway to Accreditation

Our WellBeing@Work programme is designed to fit seamlessly into organisations of any size or type with specialist in-house training, full support, high quality materials and easily adopted frameworks.

How we work

1. Introduction & Liaison

  • We meet/liaise with you to understand the organisation’s structure, staff numbers etc. and to discuss programme scheduling, group sizes and programme delivery locations.
  • Management Liaison Team is formed (2-3 people) to provide ongoing oversight of the programme within the organisation.

2. Workforce-wide Training

  • Management Training – We work with your management team in groups of up to 20 for 3 hours of training and workshops.*
    • Topics Include: Mental health overview, how to talk with and manage distressed staff, maintaining a healthy workplace, what the law says.
  • Workforce Training – We meet with your workforce in groups of up to 25 per 2-hour session to present and workshop the WB@W programme. *
    • Topics include: About mental health, easy ways to wellbeing, how to talk with a distressed person, where to find support.
  • Potential WB@W Champions & Connectors
    Having been identified by management or self-nominated at workshops, these staff are reviewed and approved for training.

* Individual guidebooks are provided at each training workshop

3. Champions & Connectors Training

In groups of up to 30 per 3-hour session, Champions and Champions receive in depth training and information to become WB@W go-to people in your organisation. Connectors provide information and direction while Champions raise awareness of working positively with people experiencing mental illness or distress. Connectors and Champions Guidebooks are provided.

  • Topics include: Role purpose and guidelines, supporting an inclusive workplace, how to talk with a colleague who appears distressed, available support.

4. Policies Review

A 2-hour session with your HR/H&S people covering alignment of policies & procedures with best practice and statutory requirements.

5. WB@W Accreditation

Your organisation is recognized as WB@W accredited, appears on our website, and receives: the WB@W accreditation logo for company use, a WB@W accreditation certificate, ongoing WB@W information and WB@W e-news for staff.


Re-accreditation is awarded 3-yearly following a successful half-day review with management along with a half-day refresher training session for the organisation’s Champions and Connectors. Some additional training sessions may also be required where staff turnover or organisational growth have reduced total workforce involvement to below 70%.

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WellBeing@Work has had an impact on the way policies and procedures have changed and been applied. Mental Health is now included in the Health and Safety Policy and Procedures document and I feel strongly that we have made considerable ground regarding mental health and wellbeing in this space.

It now seems possible to open discussions on this topic is a way it didn’t necessarily feel 12 months ago.

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