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Our Programmes

Investing in a mentally healthy workplace is good for your business and your people.

WellBeing@Work delivers programmes within workplaces to create effective, immediate, long-term change around wellness, mental health understanding and organisational resilience.

Our qualified and experienced presenters deliver fresh and engaging inhouse training programmes for Management, Team Leaders and Workforce groups.

Together these workplace specific programmes are proven to result in:

  • Increased awareness of mental health and wellness thinking
  • Understanding how to have conversations with colleagues or employees experiencing mental illness or stress
  • Increased organisational motivation and resilience
  • Compliance with statutory obligations and requirements
  • Improved health and safety
  • Measurable improvements in organisational performance

WellBeing@Work uses the unique concept of Champions and Connectors  where key employees are trained and resourced to ‘champion’ wellbeing at work initiatives and/or ‘connect’ colleagues with wellbeing information or extra support.

Contact us today to find out how to take your organisation from programme implementation through to WellBeing@Work accreditation and beyond.

Having taken up the WellBeing@Work programme our aim is to make it as comfortable to ask someone about their mental health as it is to ask about their physical health.

The WellBeing@Work programme encouraged discussion and openness around the mental health topic. By undertaking the programme, people managers gained a greater level of confidence to raise issues and understanding of supporting resources available. I would highly recommend the programme.

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