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Our Partners

WellBeing@Work is proud to be associated with a wide range individuals and organisations throughout New Zealand.

WellBeing@Work Accredited Organisations

WellBeing@Work Accreditation is awarded to organisations that:

  1. Have completed the full WB@W training programme
  2. Have trained WellBeing@Work Connectors and Champions established, resourced and available within the workplace
  3. Have completed policies and procedures review
  4. Show commitment to WellBeing@Work principles within their workplace


Re-accreditation is awarded 3-yearly following a successful half-day review with management along with a half-day refresher training session for the organisation’s Champions and Connectors. Some additional training sessions may also be required where staff turnover or organisational growth have reduced total workforce involvement to below 70%.

Click here to view WellBeing@Work accredited workplaces


The Health Promotion Agency (HPA) is a Crown entity established under the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000.  HPA supported the development of WellBeing@Work through the Like Minds, Like Mine programme – a New Zealand wide programme to counter stigma and discrimination associated with mental distress. HPA is delighted to have supported the early development of WellBeing@Work.

Since we adopted WellBeing@Work we’ve got good tools and contacts to turn to if we need them. We’ve also got peace of mind in knowing what to do and when.

WellBeing@Work has given people the confidence to talk about mental wellbeing. In the same way they might say, ‘I’ve started going to the gym’, they might say, ‘I’ve realised I need to pull back on a few things to get a better balance in my life’. Or, ‘I’m finding things really tough at the moment’.

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