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About Us

WellBeing@Work has been working with New Zealand businesses and organisations since 2015 – supporting them to realise the benefits of incorporating mental health and wellbeing initiatives into their workplace – and assisting them to achieve this in a safe, positive and productive way.

Developed under the umbrella of Health Action Trust, Nelson and with initial support from the Health Promotion Agency through the Like Minds, Like Mine programme, WellBeing@Work delivers in-house mental health and wellbeing training, consultancy and professional support.

Our flagship programme

The WellBeing@Work workforce training programme  incorporates recognised principles of wellbeing, work-place specific tools, unique frameworks, workplace-specific information and professional communications techniques to safely and effectively embed healthier behaviour and thinking within the workplace environment.

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Our People

Taking part in the programme gave me greater insight, empathy and understanding of people who might experience mental distress.

We decided we could do a better job of noticing and responding quickly when staff were experiencing mental distress. We knew we weren’t as comfortable handling mental health as we were other wellbeing topics.

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